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June 15, 2021

Self-care is just what it sounds like: taking care of yourself.

We lead increasingly busy lives and it can be easy to forget to put yourself first, especially if you have multiple responsibilities and other people to care for. Self-care is vital for building resilience toward those stressors in life that you can't eliminate. When you've taken steps to care for your mind and body, you'll be better equipped to live your best life 🥂. 

Self care is the practice of consciously doing things to take care of our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Self-care is about making a commitment to put yourself first, even just for a while. It’s also key to having healthy relationships with others and ourselves!

Here at Klean Catalog, we love anything self-care and we love indulging in skincare! Good skin starts with a good mindset 😊 .

Nourish your soul and the rest will follow. Here are 8 self care ideas you can add to your beauty routine:

Women Taking Bubble Bath Self Care Routine

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

 #1 Take A Bath

You’ll find this at the top of the list of most self-care articles for good reason. One of the most relaxing ways to unwind after a long day is to take a soak in a tub. But if you, like many Singaporeans (and sadly, us too), don’t have the luxury of owning a bathtub, the shower will have to do.

Find ways to mindfully enjoy your daily shower - indulge and pamper yourself with some luxurious bath soap, or just simply pick a soap with a scent that you love. Everything always feels better when you're clean and feeling fresh. 

#2 Foot Bath

Time to care for your hard-working feet! Immersing your feet in a tub of warm water, even without anything extra in it, is a nice way to get some relaxation and stress relief. A foot soak soothes your muscles, hydrates your skin, and can relieve aches and pains due to standing for hours or walking in uncomfortable shoes. 

#3 Face Masks 

Sometimes, relaxing can be as easy as lying down in your comfiest pyjamas, sipping on a cup of tea and treating your skin to a soothing face mask for a couple of minutes. 

Masks deeply penetrate the skin to soothe, hydrate, and restore its luminous glow. This is especially true if your skin is feeling tight and dry; is red, rough, and patchy; or you have fine lines; [you can] build your skin's natural moisture barrier with regular masking.

Check out our Rice Soothing Gel Mask from 23.5°N, a multi-function treatment that moisturises, soothes, purifies and brightens the skin.

Daily wear and tear—makeup and improper care—can leave skin uneven with roughness and imperfections. Oftentimes a facial cleanser isn’t enough to solve this problem.

It’s time to apply a face mask—our clay face masks from Green+Bare help to draw out the build-up of dirt and sebum, and gently exfoliate rough, dead skin cells to reveal softer, radiant skin. Super fun and it’s the perfect way to make time for yourself! 


#4 Hair Mask

Give your hair the TLC it needs! Hair masks are a product that just about everybody would benefit from. Your hair experiences so much stress and damage on a daily basis, so spend some time nourishing it with a hair mask. 

Hair masks are special hair treatments that have been formulated with a high concentration of hydrating ingredients, including natural oils and butters.

Unlike a shampoo or a conditioner, both of which only coat the surface of your hair strands and are washed away after a short period of time, hair masks are designed to remain on the hair for longer. This gives all of their hydrating ingredients enough time to penetrate into the hair shaft, resulting in dramatic improvements.

For a quick, easy fix, check out the Cosmocap from Remilia Hair!

#5 Scalp Detox

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. While you may make it a point to regularly shampoo and condition your hair, there may be one thing missing from your routine: a scalp detox. 

Similar to skin exfoliation, a scalp detox works to deeply cleanse your scalp and get rid of build-up for the ultimate refresh. If you have an itchy, oily, or inflamed scalp, dry follicles, hair loss, or any scalp pain, it’s time to detox.

Don’t overdo it though! A deep clean should be done periodically - but not daily or you’ll end up with irritation.

Face Massage Spa Self Care Routine

Photo by Polina Kovaleva from Pexels

#6 Face Massage

No self-care routine is complete without giving your skin a gentle massage. Gently rolling or massaging the delicate skin on your face, neck, and clavicle can help to increase blood flow, help with lymphatic drainage, and may even help to make the face appear less puffy and more contoured.

Take 10 minutes to relax and revive your skin with circulating movements. Gently work your fingers up and out and try to avoid dragging the skin in sagging directions.

For those with a jade roller, level up your self-care game by popping your jade roller in the fridge before using it for a cooling and de-puffing effect.

Candle on Wooden Tray Self Care Checklist

Photo by Castorly Stock from Pexels

#7 Light a Candle

Get lit. Create the ultimate spa-like experience and light a candle while you mask.

Research has shown thataromatherapy helps relieve stress, uplift moods and improve sleep – and it's not hard to start incorporating it into your daily routine. It takes seconds to light a candle, and yet it can fill a space with warm, comforting aromas and help you set intentions.

There’s just something about candles that we love - not only do they soothe the nerves, they also smell good and look aesthetic!

#8 Declutter and Organise your Beauty Stash

Working from home and the coronavirus lockdowns have given us time to spring-clean our homes, wardrobes and kitchen – but what about your bathroom cabinets? There might be skincare products or makeup that you don’t like, don’t use, have outgrown, or worse, haveexpired taking up space in your bathroom. Like clothes, your skin, hair and make-up arsenal also needs to be regularly refreshed.

Keeping a concise skincare collection not only makes your routine more approachable but it allows your skin to truly adapt to the products you’re using. Incorporating too many ingredients can cause irritation, inflammation and just unnecessary stress. 

Time to dig deep into your beauty stash, and don’t forget to clean those makeup brushes! Keep it simple and happy decluttering!

Pick-and-choose what works best for you, adapt them to your life and routine, and have a happy little Sunday: A little self-care goes a long way!